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I love photography and I love that I get to do my passion for a living.

I have been photographing for over 10 year now, shooting many different kinds of styles from documentary, portraits, weddings and product/event photography.

My approach and style is to try and make everyone feel at ease and comfortable. I love capturing candid moments that truly show someones real character. I want the experience to be fun and light hearted. For those of you like me, that aren’t a fan of being photographed, I want it to feel as if you can’t even feel the camera on you.

Weddings are always such an honor to photograph. It is such a special day. I love that I get to give people memories to have and share with there family and future kids. It is so neat that they will get to cherish and keep all the little details and moments that would of been forgotten. It is such a happy occasion full of love, life and celebration ,probably my favorite events to photograph. I myself am always overcome by emotion and end up crying at some point throughtout the day.

I am so satisfied and overjoyed when someone tells me that they love there photos that I captured, so much so that it brings them to tears. I can’t explain the feeling that brings me, It is pretty amazing. It is something I cherish and feel truly grateful for. I get to freeze a moment and memory in time for them to have forever, and for that I feel extremely blessed.

I started photographing in high school and ever since then I have not put my camera down.

I continued studying while I attended Orange coast college in Costa Mesa California. I completed there amazing photo program in two years.I can still say it has been one of the best experiences I have gone through in my life. I was surrounded by incredible teachers and fellow students that made me the photographer I am today. I was constantly learning and growing and being inspired by all the talent around me. I learned with film and learned how to develop and process everything in the dark room. That is something that I truly fell in love with and miss tremendsaly, since everything is now all digital. Even though digital cameras are amazing and incredible, a piece of my heart will always love film and the darkroom!!

After Graduating college I continued photographing. I did several weddings, portraits and product shoots( The lost Bean oraganic tea and coffee) I realized that although I love photographing people I also had a love for product and commercial photography. Whether that be making a menu or flyer for a business or just capturing that one great shot of there services or food item!

I moved into a building in downtown town Santa Ana called the Advertising Arts building .That was a great 4 years of my life. I was surrounded by excentric artists. We would constantly put art shows together and showcase everyones work. I feel that the documentary side of my photography really expanded and evolved in the years I was a tenant there, which is where my love for photography started, When you live around artists you are constantly pushed to create and grow and become better and better.

Another great experience was when I photographed for Sumner photography in Southern California. They are a company that goes to all different schools to capture all the children's school photos. That was a challenge, one that took me out of my comfort zone,but I grew so much. I had to deal with all different children of all ages and different personalities. I was responsible to make them smile and capture that perfect school photo. At times

I felt like a clown, trying everything to make them smile and laugh.

I was born raised in Southern California(Tustin to be exact) and while living there my whole life I have found some great locations to photograph.One of my favorite places for many different reasons is Irvine part. It is such a beautiful ,green park with so many different looks to it.

You can shoot a whole session and have so much variety. Another one of favorite places to photograph is Laguna beach, which is always gold and never a disappointment. Since I am from Southern California I have always gone to the beach as much as possible, I love the Ocean so much so that I feel as if I was a mermaid in a past life, The beach is where I feel the most calm and at peace.It is probably one of my favorite places to be!:)

My newest adventure and journey has been my move to Beautiful Maui, Hawaii. I have been here for 5 months now and have enjoyed the new pace of life and surroundings. It truly is a photographers dream. Everynight the sunsets are beautiful and unique in there own ways, not to mention the beautiful beaches and amazing country with all then lush greenery, tropical plants and amazing creatures.

I have been photographing at a resort in Wailea doing family, couple and engagement photo sessions. It is pretty amazing to be able to give guests memories of there trip to maui to always have and love.

Besides photographing and art, my other passion and love is my family and friends. I thank them for all there support and unconditional love. They have always been my number fan.

I am constanlty photographing whether it be people, animals, commercial prducts or the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. I love to share what brings me joy to other people and I feel through photography you can see the world they way I do:) If I can make a difference with my photography I am happy and content!!

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