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I love photography and I love that I get to do my passion for a living.

I have been photographing for over 10 year now, shooting many different kinds of styles from documentary, portraits, weddings product, food, & event photography.

 I love capturing candid moments that showcases someones real character. I want the experience to be fun and light hearted.

 Weddings are always such an honor to photograph. It is such a special day. I love that I get to give people memories to have and share with there family and future kids. It is such a happy occasion full of love, life and celebration.

I love portraiture photography from maternity , surprise engagements, families and couples and I recently got into water photography!  I did a woman's surf workshop and was able to get in the water with my underwater housing and shoot some surfing and models. If anyone wants Water portraits let me know!!


I am so satisfied and overjoyed when someone tells me that they love there photos. I can’t explain the feeling that brings me, It is pretty amazing. It is something I cherish and feel truly grateful for. I get to freeze a moment and memory in time for them to have forever, and for that I feel extremely blessed.

I started photographing in high school and ever since then I have not put my camera down.

I continued studying while I attended Orange coast college in Costa Mesa California. I completed there amazing photo program in two years.I can still say it has been one of the best experiences I have gone through in my life. I was surrounded by incredible teachers and fellow students that made me the photographer I am today. I was constantly learning and growing and being inspired by all the talent around me. I learned with film and learned how to develop and process everything in the dark room. That is something that I truly fell in love with and miss tremendsaly, since everything is now all digital. Even though digital cameras are amazing and incredible, a piece of my heart will always love film and the darkroom!!

After Graduating college I continued photographing. I did several weddings, portraits and product shoots.

I moved into a building in downtown town Santa Ana called the Advertising Arts building .That was a great 4 years of my life. I was surrounded by excentric artists. We would constantly put art shows together and showcase everyones work. I feel that the documentary side of my photography really expanded and evolved in the years I was a tenant there, which is where my love for photography started.When you live around artists you are constantly pushed to create and grow and become better and better.

I was born raised in Southern California(Tustin to be exact). I have found some great locations to photograph in Orange County. I love photographing in nature so it would come to no surprise that some of my favorite spots are Irvine park and Laguna beach!

In 2016-2017 I moved to the Beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii. While I was there I worked for 2 photos companies, Pacific Dream photography and Blinkk photography . I met hundreds of people and did many photo sessions. I photographed families, couples, children, surprise engagements, maternity, small weddings and Events. It was such a magical place to photograph. The sunsets and sunrises were always amazing and breathtaking. I learned so much and evolved even more to be become the portrait photographer I am today!

After leaving Maui I moved to Central Valley California and worked with a yogurt company called The Yogurt mill. That is where I really got to put my love for food photography to use.

Besides photographing art, and nature my other passion and love is my family and friends. I thank them for all there support and unconditional love. They have always been my number fan.

I am constanlty photographing whether it be people, animals, commercial products/food or the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. I love to share what brings me joy to other people and I feel through photography you can see the world they way I do:) If I can make a difference with my photography I am happy and content!!

I look forward to capturing your special moments!!